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Academy Award for Live Action Short Film

This name for the Academy Award for Live Action Short Film was introduced in 1974. For the three preceding years it was known as "Short Subjects, Live Action Films." The term "Short Subjects, Live Action Subjects" was used from 1957 until 1970. From 1936 until 1956 there were two separate awards, "Short Subjects, one-reel" and "Short Subjects, two-reel". A third category "Short Subjects, color" was used only for 1936 and 1937. From the initiation of short subject awards for 1932 until 1935 the terms were "Short Subjects, comedy" and "Short subjects, novelty".

List of Winners

Year Award Won
1932 (Comedy) Hal Roach - The Music Box
(Novelty) Mack Sennett - Wrestling Swordfish
1933 (Comedy) Louis Brock - So This Is Harris
(Novelty) Joe Rock - Krakatoa
1934 (Comedy) Kenneth Macgowan - La Cucaracha
(Novelty) Horace Woodard, Stacy Woodard - City of Wax
1935 (Comedy) Jack Chertok - How to Sleep
(Novelty) Gaumont British and Skibo Productions - Wings Over Mt. Everest
1936 (Color) Warner Bros. - Give Me Liberty
(One-Reel) Hal Roach - Bored of Education
(Two-Reel) Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer - The Public Pays
1937 (Color) Pete Smith - Penny Wisdom
(One-Reel) Skibo Productions - The Private Life of the Gannets
(Two-Reel) Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer - Torture Money
1938 (One-Reel) Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer - That Mothers Might Live
(Two-Reel) Warner Bros - Declaration Of Independence
1939 (One-Reel) Paramount - Busy Little Bears
(Two-Reel) Warner Bros - Sons of Liberty
1940 (One-Reel) Pete Smith - Quicker N a Wink
(Two-Reel) Warner Bros - Teddy, the Rough Rider
1941 (One-Reel) Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer - Of Pups and Puzzles
(Two-Reel) Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer - Main Street on the March!
1942 (One-Reel) Paramount - Speaking of Animals and Their Families
(Two-Reel) Warner Bros. - Beyond the Line of Duty
1943 (One-Reel) Grantland Rice - Amphibious Fighters
(Two-Reel) Jerry Bresler, Sam Coslow - Heavenly Music
1944 (One-Reel) Jerry Fairbanks - Who's Who in Animal Land
(Two-Reel) Gordon Hollingshead - I Won't Play
1945 (One-Reel) Herbert Moulton, Jerry Bresler - Stairway to Light
(Two-Reel) Gordon Hollingshead - Star in the Night
1946 (One-Reel) Gordon Hollingshead - Facing Your Danger
(Two-Reel) Gordon Hollingshead - A Boy and His Dog
1947 (One-Reel) Herbert Moulton - Good-Bye Miss Turlock
(Two-Reel) Irving Allen - Climbing the Matterhorn
1948 (One-Reel) Edmund H. Reek - Symphony of a City
(Two-Reel) Walt Disney - Seal Island
1949 (One-Reel) Jack Eaton - Aquatic House-Party
(Two-Reel) Gaston Diehl, Robert Haessens - Van Gogh
1950 (One-Reel) Gordon Hollingshead - Grandad of Races
(Two-Reel) Walt Disney - In Beaver Valley
1951 (One-Reel) Robert Youngson - World of Kids
(Two-Reel) Walt Disney - Nature's Half Acre
1952 (One-Reel) Boris Vermont - Light in the Window: The Art of Vermeer
(Two-Reel) Walt Disney - Water Birds
1953 (One-Reel) Johnny Green - The Merry Wives of Windsor Overture
(Two-Reel) Walt Disney - Bear Country
1954 (One-Reel) Robert Youngson - This Mechanical Age
(Two-Reel) Denis Sanders, Terry Sanders - A Time Out of War
1955 (One-Reel) Edmund Reek - Survival City
(Two-Reel) Wilbur T. Blume - The Face of Lincoln
1956 (One-Reel) Konstantin Kalser - Crashing the Water Barrier
(Two-Reel) Romulus Films - The Bespoke Overcoat
1957 Larry Lansburgh - The Wetback Hound
1958 Walt Disney - Grand Canyon
1959 Jacques-Yves Cousteau - The Golden Fish
1960 Ezra R. Baker - Day of the Painter
1961 Lester A. Schoenfeld Films - Seawards the Great Ships
1962 Pierre Etaix, J. C. Carrière - Heureux Anniversaire (Happy Anniversary)
1963 Paul De Roubaix, Marcel Ichac - An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge
1964 Edward Schreiber - Casals Conducts: 1964
1965 Claude Berri - The Chicken (Le Poulet)
1966 Edgar Anstey - Wild Wings
1967 Christopher Chapman - A Place to Stand
1968 Charles Guggenheim - Robert Kennedy Remembered
1969 Joan Keller Stern - The Magic Machines
1970 John Longenecker - The Resurrection of Broncho Billy
1971 Manuel Arango, Robert Amram -Sentinels Of Silence
1972 Richard Barclay - Norman Rockwell's World...An American Dream
1973 Allan Miller, William Fertik - The Bolero
1974 Paul Claudon, Edmond Sechan - One-Eyed Men Are Kings
1975 Bert Salzman - Angel and Big Joe
1976 Andre Guttfreund, Peter Werner - In the Region of Ice
1977 Beverly Shaffer, Yuki Yoshida - I'll Find a Way
1978 Taylor Hackford - Teenage Father
1979 Sarah Pillsbury, Ron Ellis - Board and Care
1980 Lloyd Phillips - The Dollar Bottom
1981 Paul Kemp, Shelley Levinson - Violet
1982 Christine Oestreicher - A Shocking Accident
1983 Janice L. Platt - Boys and Girls
1984 Mike Hoover - Up
1985 Jeff Brown, Chris Pelzer - Molly's Pilgrim
1986 Chuck Workman - Precious Images
1987 Jonathan Sanger, Jana Sue Memel - Ray's Male Heterosexual Dance Hall
1988 Dean Parisot, Steven Wright - The Appointments of Dennis Jennings
1989 James Hendrie - Work Experience
1990 Adam Davidson - The Lunch Date
1991 Seth Winston, Rob Fried - Session Man
1992 Sam Karmann - Omnibus
1993 Pepe Danquart - Black Rider (Schwarzfahrer}
1994 Peter Capaldi, Ruth Kenley-Letts - Franz Kafka's It's a Wonderful Life
Peggy Rajski, Randy Stone - Trevor
1995 Christine Lahti, Jana Sue Memel - Lieberman in Love
1996 David Frankel, Barry Jossen - Dear Diary
1997 Chris Tashima, Chris Donahue - Visas and Virtue
1998 Kim Magnusson, Anders Thomas Jensen - Election Night (Valgaften)
1999 Barbara Schock, Tamara Tiehel - My Mother Dreams the Satan's Disciples in New York
2000 Florian Gallenberger - Quiero Ser (I Want to Be...)
2001 Ray Mckinnon, Lisa Blount - The Accountant
2002 Martin Strange-Hansen, Mie Andreasen - Der er en yndig mand
2003 Aaron Schneider, Andrew J. Sacks - Two Soldiers
2004 Andrea Arnold - Wasp
2005 Martin McDonagh - Six Shooter
2006 Ari Sandel - West Bank Story
2007 Philippe Pollet-Villard - Le Mozart des Pickpockets
2008 Toyland (Spielzeugland)