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Academy Award for Best Cinematography

The Academy Award for Best Cinematography is awarded each year to a cinematographer for his work in one particular motion picture.

List of Winners

Year Cinemotographer Picture
1928 Charles Rosher and Karl Struss Sunrise
1929 Clyde DeVinna White Shadows in the South Seas
1930 Joseph T. Rucker and Willard Van Der With Byrd at the South Pole
1931 Floyd Crosby, Tabu: A Story of the South Seas
1932 Lee Garmes Shanghai Express
1933 Charles Bryant Lang. Jr, A Farewell to Arms
1934 Victor Milner Cleopatra
1935 Hal Mohr, A Midsummer Night's Dream
1936 Gaetano Gaudio Anthony Adverse
1937 Karl Freund The Good Earth
1938 Joseph Ruttenberg The Great Waltz
1939 Gregg Toland (b&w)
Ernest Haller and Ray Rennahan (color)
Wuthering Heights
Gone with the Wind
1940 George Barnes(b&w)
George Perinal(color)
The Thief of Bagdad
1941 Arthur Miller(b&w)
Ernest Palmer and Ray Rennahan(color)
How Green Was My Valley
Blood and Sand
1942 Joseph Ruttenberg, Mrs. Miniver (b&w)
Leon Shamroy(color)
Mrs. Miniver
The Black Swan
1943 Arthur Miller(b&w)
Hal Mohr and W. Howard Greene (color)
The Song of Bernadette
The Phantom of the Opera
1944 Joseph LaShelle(b&w)
Leon Shamroy(color)
1945 Harry Stradling(b&w)
Leon Shamroy(color)
Picture of Dorian Gray
Leave Her to Heaven
1946 Arthur Miller(b&w)
Charles Rosher, Leonard Smith and Arthur Arling(color)
Anna and the King of Siam
The Yearling
1947 Guy Green (b&w)
Jack Cardiff(color)
Great Expectations
Black Narcissus
1948 William Daniels(b&w)
Joseph Valentine, William V. Skall and Winton Hoch(color)
The Naked City
Joan of Arc
1949 Paul C. Vogel(b&w)
Winton Hoch(color)
She Wore a Yellow Ribbon
1950 Robert Krasker(b&w)
Robert Surtees(color)
The Third Man
King Solomon's Mines
1951 William C. Mellor(b&w)
Alfred Gilks and John Alton(color)
A Place in the Sun
An American in Paris
1952 Robert Surtees(b&w)
Winton Hoch and Archie Stout (color)
The Bad and the Beautiful
The Quiet Man
1953 Burnett Guffey(b&w)
Burnett Guffey(color)
From Here to Eternity
1954 Boris Kaufman(b&w)
Milton R. Krasner(color)
On the Waterfront
Three Coins in the Fountain
1955 James Wong Howe(b&w)
Robert Burks(color)
The Rose Tattoo
To Catch a Thief
1956 Joseph Ruttenberg(b&w)
Lionel Lindon (color)
Somebody Up There Likes Me
Around the World in Eighty Days
1957 Jack Hildyard The Bridge on the River Kwai
1958 Sam Leavitt(b&w)
Joseph Ruttenberg (color)
The Defiant Ones
1959 William C. Mellor(b&w)
Robert Surtees(color)
The Diary of Anne Frank
1960 Freddie Francis(b&w)
Russel Metty (color)
Sons and Lovers
1961 Eugen Shuftan(b&w)
Daniel P. Fapp(color)
The Hustler
West Side Story
1962 Jean Bourgoin and Walter Wottitz(b&w)
Freddie Young(color)
The Longest Day
Lawrence of Arabia
1963 James Wong Howe(b&w)
Leon Shamroy(color)
1964 Walter Lassally(b&w)
Harry Stradling(color)
Zorba the Greek
My Fair Lady
1965 Ernest Laszlo(b&w)
Freddie Young(color)
Ship of Fools
Doctor Zhivago
1966 Haskell Wexler(b&w)
Ted Moore(color)
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
A Man for All Seasons
1967 Burnett Guffey Bonnie & Clyde
1968 Pasqualino De Santis Romeo and Juliet
1969 Conrad Hall Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
1970 Freddie Young Ryan's Daughter
1971 Oswald Morris Fiddler on the Roof
1972 Geoffrey Unsworth Cabaret
1973 Sven Nykvist Cries and Whispers
1974 Fred Koenekamp and Joseph Biroc The Towering Inferno
1975 John Alcott Barry Lyndon
1976 Haskell Wexler Bound for Glory
1977 Vilmos Zsigmond Close Encounters of the Third Kind
1978 Nestor Almendros Days of Heaven
1979 Vittorio Storaro Apocalypse Now
1980 Geoffrey Unsworth and Ghislaine Cloquet Tess
1981 Vittorio Storaro Reds
1982 Billy Williams and Ronnie Taylor Gandhi
1983 Sven Nykvist Fanny and Alexander
1984 Chris Menges The Killing Fields
1985 David Watkin Out of Africa
1986 Chris Menges The Mission
1987 Vittorio Storaro The Last Emperor
1988 Peter Biziou Mississippi Burning
1989 Freddie Francis Glory
1990 Dean Semler Dances with Wolves
1991 Robert Richardson JFK
1992 Philippe Rousselot A River Runs Through It
1993 Janusz Kaminski Schindler's List
1994 John Toll Legends of the Fall
1995 John Toll Braveheart
1996 John Seale The English Patient
1997 Russell Carpenter Titanic
1998 Janusz Kaminski Saving Private Ryan
1999 Conrad Hall American Beauty
2000 Peter Pau Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
2001 Andrew Lesnie The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
2002 Conrad Hall Road to Perdition
2003 Russell Boyd Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
2004 Robert Richardson The Aviator
2005 Dion Beebe Memoirs of a Geisha
2006 Guillermo Navarro Pan's Labyrinth
2007 Robert Elswit There Will Be Blood
2008 Anthony Dod Mantle Slumdog Millionaire