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Academy Juvenile Award

This award is officially called the Honorary Juvenile Award. It was first awarded for work in 1934 and continued sporadically until 1960. There is no list of nominees. The trophy itself was a miniature statuette, although this received criticism and Shirley Temple, at least, was re-awarded with a full-sized statue some time later. This Honorary Award was eventually chosen to stop; children can now be nominated for the same Academy Awards as adults.

List of Winners

Year Winner
1934 Shirley Temple - "in grateful recognition of her outstanding contribution to screen entertainment in the year 1934."
1935 not given
1936 not given
1937 not given
1938 Deanna Durbin and Mickey Rooney - "for their significant contribution in bringing to the screen the spirit and personification of youth, and as juvenile players setting a high standard of ability and achievement."
1939 Judy Garland - "for her outstanding performance as a screen juvenile during the past year."
1940 not given
1941 not given
1942 not given
1943 not given
1944 Margaret O'Brien - "outstanding child actress of 1944."
1945 Peggy Ann Garner - "outstanding child actress of 1945."
1946 Claude Jarman Jr. - "outstanding child actor of 1946."
1947 not given
1948 Ivan Jandl - The Search - "for the outstanding juvenile performance of 1948 in The Search."
1949 Bobby Driscoll - "outstanding juvenile actor of 1949"
1950 not given
1951 not given
1952 not given
1953 not given
1954 Jon Whiteley - "for his outstanding juvenile performance in The Little Kidnappers", also Vincent Winter - "for his outstanding performance in The Little Kidnappers". NOTE: Winter was 2 years younger than Whiteley, but the word "juvenile" does not appear in his citation.
1955 not given
1956 not given
1957 not given
1958 not given
1959 not given
1960 Hayley Mills - For Pollyanna, the most outstanding juvenile performance during 1960.